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Eliana received a M.F.A. in Printmaking from The Ohio State University.
My art is the result of my constant search for answers.
The farther I am from all the things that I grew up knowing as every day occurrences, the more I question their meaning. My life today is made of all those things that were and all the things that are.
I see life as constant changes that result from all of the things from the past, meeting the present. Printmaking, fabric, women, and the work produced by women's hands are the elements I use in my work to explore the constant changes in my life.
Partially because I am not from the United States, my displacement makes the idea of losing one's identity very haunting to me. Looking for, and understanding my roots, has become the force that drives me to make art.
Distance makes things look different. The things that once were daily realities, all those things that make cultural traditions, are now fussy memories that seem so distant that it appears as if they had never happened. I believe that if I do not embrace these traditions, I will "fade away".
"I make art for me, to feed my soul,to ease my pain,to feel closer to everything I miss, everything I left behind."
Eliana Calle-Saari
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