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Custom Designed and Handmade Leotards

In addition to making art, Eliana has a passion for sewing and creating clothing from scratch. Eliana is a trained fashion designer and possesses a Degree in Fashion Design from Escuela de Diseño Proyectual, Medellin, Colombia.


All leotard are designed and made by Eliana Calle-Saari and she does it ALL on her own. All drawings, patterns, cuts, and sewing are done by her. She is a solo worker and somehow manages to whip out several leotards in a few days. It stitch is carefully sewn with care, each bag in which the leotard comes in, is handmade by her, and every card is carved and printed by her. So what you get is nothing but quality and care! We also try to make each leotard affordable considering she does all of this work alone.

It is truly a dream come true to have my mother's designs and work out there and displayed by gorgeous dancers. This simply is the beginning of LEOSBYMAMA and we are beyond exciting to grow and progress with your support.

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